Hello how are you doing today?

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Healthy Eating, Life, Running, Spinning, Yoga
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I hope I find you feeling healthy…..so glad our paths crossed this time today…on our way into the night…..

Just a little Dave Matthews to get the morning started 🙂

Anyway….some work out ish before I get to the main topic:

I ran outside yesterday.  UGH.  I know I’ve mentioned having heavy legs and/or dead weights for legs at times but truly – my legs were lead yesterday.  And it wasn’t so much that it started from the very beginning – it was more like – I started running and after about .6 miles (just far enough to be away from my apartment but not close enough to be like, yes it’s okay to turn back around and go home) my legs were like “NO NO NO NOT TODAY” (you know, like the Dikembe Mutumbo Commercials?):

Anyway, I pushed through because..well..that’s what I do…besides, by the time I decided I wanted to turn around I was already about 2.6 miles in and was heading back in the 5 mile loop I do anyway.  I had to stop a few times because I was having some issues with the top of my right foot – mainly the way it was hitting the top of my shoe.  I tried to readjust my laces (thinking they were too tight) – it didn’t really go away.

This is the first of pain of it’s kind that I’ve had in this place and all the looking online says I might need orthotics but I already have them So, yeah, fun.  I am taking off the next few days from running so maybe that’ll help.  I really have never had this problem before.  Maybe just a freak occurrence.

I finished the 5 miles.  At a slow (for me) pace – 9:01/mile.  I was fine with it since I knew my legs were tired and I was recovering from a combo of a cold/allergic reaction/allergies.  I wasn’t about to be so hard on myself:


In other news – my assignment canceled today so I am off.  It worked out anyway because I was invited to the FLYERS GAME(they won!) last night by a friend from college and I didn’t get home til well after my bed time.  I am going to take advantage of the day and do a Spinning workout as well as Power Yoga with my favorite teacher!  Woot!  But it’s back to work tomorrow and every day for the rest of the month – for a lot of reasons but truly I like the routine of getting up at the same time every day.  It gives me structure and I LOVE structure – I am terrible with days where I don’t have anything to do

I truly like knowing that I have a purpose each day – even if the only purpose is to get up and write this blog or to get up and workout.  I would be the WORST on a vacation where all you do is sit and relax.  I am trying to learn how to do this but I am truthfully REALLY bad at it.  I’m hoping this idiom applies to me:

Anywho – I am definitely working on learning to relax.  Any suggestions?  What do you all do to relax?  Comments and thoughts are appreciated 🙂

Have a fantabulous Thursday!

Also – since many people do a whole THROW BACK THURSDAY – here’s mine 🙂

Sophomore Year - Phi Mu Formal

Sophomore Year – Phi Mu Formal


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