1.  Why is it Sunday already?

2.  Spring Break ends today – sad face 😦 like woah

3.  My posts have been sporadic lately – sorry for that – just trying to get some ish done.

4.  Why am I just now getting sick?!  Getting sick at the end of break is bad for business!!!!  I need to work this week!

5.  I ran on Friday morning – a short 4 miles and taught Spinning Friday night as well as Saturday morning.  Here are my playlists:

Friday Evening (1-Hour)

  1. Let’s Get Retarded        3:36    Black Eyed Peas
  2. Show Me How You Burlesque        3:01    Christina Aquilera
  3. Remember The Name (feat. Styles Of Beyond)        3:51    Fort Minor
  4. Runaway Baby        2:29    Bruno Mars
  5. Crystallize        4:59        Lindsey Stirling
  6. Coming Home (Feat. Skylar Grey)        4:01    Diddy-Dirty Money
  7. Get Up Get Down        3:17    Phillip Phillips
  8. My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)        3:09    Fall Out Boy
  9. Good Life        4:13    OneRepublic
  10. Run This Town        4:37    Jay-Z/Rihanna/Kanye West
  11. Blow        3:40    Ke$ha
  12. The Catalyst        5:40    Linkin Park
  13. Let It Rock        3:56    Kevin Rudolf  Feat Lil Wayne
  14. Elevation        3:49    U2
  15. Can’t Hold Us Ft. Ray Dalton        4:18    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  16. Same Love Ft. Mary Lambert        5:20    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  17. Walking in Memphis        4:19    Marc Cohn

Saturday Morning (1-Hour)

  1. American Girl        3:30    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  2. Can’t Hold Us Ft. Ray Dalton        4:18    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  3. Elevation        3:49    U2
  4. ‘Till I Collapse        5:00    Eminem
  5. Bad Romance        4:08    Halestorm
  6. Paint It Black        3:26    The Rolling Stones
  7. The Catalyst        5:40    Linkin Park
  8. Love The Way You Lie (Clean)        4:24    Eminem Ft Rihanna
  9. Dubstep Violin- Lindsey Stirling- Crystallize        4:59
  10. My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)        3:09    Fall Out Boy
  11. Magic (feat. Rivers Cuomo of Weezer)        3:12    B.o.B
  12. Little Black Submarines        4:11    The Black Keys
  13. Fuel        4:27    Metallica
  14. Same Love Ft. Mary Lambert        5:20    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  15. I Melt With You        3:36    Jason Mraz

6.  Today is Easter Sunday.  I’d like to give you all an idea as to what Easter used to be like for me when I was growing up:

First of all, my mother used to MAKE me and my sister’s dressed until we were about 10 – then it stopped.  Truthfully, as a child, I HATED wearing dresses/skirts/etc.  (many of my friends, esp boy friends of yore, will nod their heads in agreement).  One Easter – I must’ve been about 7 or 8 – I refused to wear my dress and shoes (plus those stupid shoes hurt – basically because I never wore them because they were stupid – see my valid point?) so my mom made a bargain with me.  If I wore my Easter dress, I could wear my HIGH TOP LEOPARD PRINT GLOW IN THE DARK CONVERSE SNEAKERS:

I looked good in these

Who knew I was hipster before it was cool to be hipster – there are a lot of kids that wear converse with dresses nowadays – I just wanted to wear them because they were more comfortable – and duh – COOL! (wish I still had them).  I can’t even tell you what my dress looked like because that’s not the point (for imaginary purposes – think a yellow dress or something pastel-y….yeah, it probably wasn’t to bad but in my mind it was awful).  Regardless – I took the deal and I wore those shoes with my Easter dress to Church.  I was happy.  I wish my parents had taken a picture of me in them – it was classic (note: I realize now there probably wasn’t time to take a picture of me because as soon as we got home from Church I changed out of that horrible dress and put on shorts and a t-shirt).

7.  Tomorrow is April 1!!!!??????  WHAAAAAAAAA the ef.  How did that happen?  Where is 2013 going?!  We are 1/4 of the way through!  Yikes-a-roo.

8.  BASEBALL STARTS THIS WEEK!!!!  I will probably have a post about my Phillies and other nonsensical stuff later on this week – so there’s that.

That’s all I got 🙂  Have a nice Sunday!


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