Like The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Life, Music, NCAA Tourney, Running, Yoga
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So I just downloaded The Heist by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis… you know, those guys that sing/rap – ‘Thrift Shop’?  It’s pretty freakin’ good.  I realize not many of you will be interested in listening to this genre but I posted this video on my fb yesterday and I am posting it here today too – so powerful – please watch (I was crying by the end of it):

Anyway – quickly before I get to my fitness post – HOW ABOUT THOSE LA SALLE EXPLORERSSSSSSS!!!!!!

Sweet16 Turnitup

YESSSSSSSSSSS!  I am so pumped!  It’s been a LONG time since La Salle has won any games in the Tourney and the last time they did?  They won it all 🙂  I BELIEVE!!!!


Alrighty – I realized yesterday on my run that I haven’t really be writing too much about my fitness regimen so I have to fix that…..

Yesterday, as I mentioned – I ran.  I also ran on Saturday despite not feeling the greatest.  Two days.  Back to back.  OUTSIDE.  I was kind of concerned because I didn’t want my hip to flare up but I decided I was just going to keep a steady and what felt like (to me) a slower pace.  Turns out both days I ended up holding about an 8:20/mile.  Not too shabby considering the fact that I was just doing whatever.  The biggest difference was yesterday, for about the first three miles I felt as though my upper body (read: above my waist) was not attached to my lower body.  It was the weirdest feeling.  Like, they weren’t in sync with one another.  I still pushed through and managed to eek out a 10K yesterday (6.5 the day before).

Lately, I’ve felt all over the place with my running – like my body just isn’t clicking with it.  I am not sure why.  Like I feel like my arms and legs are flailing all over the place and I must look so awkward to the drivers passing by – truly I feel like any one of these guys:

Elsewhere – it’s SNOWING here today – SNOWING – you read that correctly.  Groundhog, wtf dude.  WTF?!  I am kind of stiff and sore today so I am heading to yoga soon and hoping that’ll rejuvenate me.  I’m going to one of my favorite instructor’s classes – Allison – who always has the best classes physically and mentally.  I feel like yoga gives me a different kind of clarity that running doesn’t.  Usually after a good run my mind is clear and I can focus on getting things done.  After yoga (yes, I want to go to sleep) I feel refreshed like the feeling I will change my life kind of thing.  Like the ceiling can’t hold me…..



  1. Such a great post. I LOVE that song, too. I added the whole album to Spotify just because of that song and because of Starting Over (LOVE Band of Horses!). And…I am an awkward runner…hopefully not THAT bad, but definitely awkward. But I have an excuse: the extra bits of me truly do get in the way, and I refuse to be the chick wearing compression gear because I think that’s cruel and unusual punishment for me AND for any innocent bystanders. Maybe in 30 more lbs, I’ll don the compression apparel.

    • k8efitz says:

      Thanks! I have yet to try Spotify but I hear great things about it. Better than Pandora?

      I think we all think we look awkward when we run but probably don’t in any way. And as far as the compression gear – you might like it now – why wait? 🙂

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