Shout Outs!

Posted: March 24, 2013 in Life, NCAA Tourney, Yoga
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Lot’s of great things to talk about – and in no particular order:

  • Shout Out To: State Champions Lower Merion High School Boy’s Basketball Team!!!  You can read the full write up here.  They beat a team (Chester High School) that hasn’t lost to a Pennsylvania team in 78 games (including themselves – they played for the District Championship and lost to Chester).  This is just the second time since Kobe Bryant graduated (yes, THE Kobe Bryant) from LM that the team has won the State Championship.  Check out the Dawg Pound Cheering:
  • Shout Out To: The La Salle Explorers!  This one is long overdue! (okay, maybe not LONG but overdue)  I believe I’ve mentioned that La Salle is (one of) my alma mater?  Anyway – they beat K-State on Friday in a nail-biter of a game.  They were up for most of the game until K-State creeped back up but the Explorers held them off!  They play against Ole Miss this afternoon – I am hopeful but realistic about their chances.  After all, Ole Miss DID just win the SEC Tourney a week ago – they’re kind of on a roll – but then, so is La Salle!!!!  Check out some highlights:
  • Shout Out To: Pope Francis!  Today is the first Palm Sunday he’ll be presiding over and conducting (with many MANY more to come).  I was raised Catholic so everything is engrained in your mind about when the high holy days are but for those of you that are curious as to why you’re seeing so many people walk around with leaves from palm trees in their hands today – here’s a funny take on why:

  • Shout Out To: Marisa Rose who is starting a new journey!  She was recently hired by SUP Yoga in Long Beach to help expand the company and enrich others’ lives with Yoga.  So you’re like – what’s SUP?  Nothing, what’s up with you?!?!  🙂  Haha!  Check out what SUP is:
  • Shout Out To: The Start of Spring Break!!!  This week is Spring Break for most schools in our area – probably most schools around the country.  I am hoping to accomplish a lot of things this week.  I have been procrastinating on making a list of things to do this week.  Maybe I will find some motivation to do it later today?

Who are you giving shout outs to, today???

  1. Dad says:

    My shout out is I got to see you today fitz always makes my day

  2. adambarr1106 says:

    Shout out to my PhilaHomeGirl (and by that I mean Woman) K8EFITZ, quotemistress and queen of enthusiasm. NOW I can get something accomplished with this here Monday thang….

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