Change: The Good, The Bad, The Whatever….

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Life, Yoga
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Change is a force we deal with on a constant basis.  Things change all the time – whether we want them to or not.  Sometimes it’s a good thing, other times – not so much.  Often the change happens and we don’t even know it’s happening.  I find that kind of change to be the scariest because it only emphasizes the fact that we are not ‘awake’ in our every day lives.  What do I mean by this?  The best example I can give you goes back nearly 11 years when I was in a serious relationship (college bf) and I didn’t even realize I had changed.  Nothing I did was for me – it was all for him.  Now don’t read that as, ‘he made me focus solely on him’ – he didn’t.  I just lost myself and changed inadvertently.  I didn’t have a ground of my own so when the bottom dropped out, I felt like I was falling and couldn’t stop.

What I realized was I am a lot stronger than I gave myself credit for.  One of my favorite movies Under The Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane (if you have never seen it, I strongly urge you to see it) is about a woman who feels as though she loses everything and isn’t quite sure what to do with her life.  This kind of HUGE change can either do one of two things – it can destroy you (which temporarily we all deal with that) or it can show you the life you were SUPPOSED to have.  She found that even though what she thought was her life was over, it was really just beginning.

I have often thought that there are some changes that are bad….and some changes that are good… reality – change is whatever.  It is whatever you make it.  Regardless, you have to go with it because resistance only makes it more difficult to deal with.  I have often heard my yoga instructors say don’t fight the discomfort, find comfort in the discomfort.  What they really mean is to be okay with the changes you’re making.  Everything, after all, will work itself out – you have to trust it and yourself.

My dad always used to tell me this – and still does to this day – and he’s right – as usual 🙂

  1. Dad says:

    Hey fitz
    Hang in there love you

  2. adambarr1106 says:

    Negatives into positives…no matter how much time it takes….

    Your Dad and mine would get along. Dad Barr’s Rule No. 1: Get up. If you get up one more time than you get knocked down, you win.

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