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Sometimes, like any human, I doubt myself.  I try to not let it creep in but on occasion, it does.  It’s a pretty natural occurrence.  Rarely do we find someone that is confident in everything they do.  My doubt has nothing to do with my own abilities but more to do with what my future holds.  Of course, I am working my hardest and doing my best to make sure my future is ‘so bright I gotta wear shades’ but I digress.

It is in these moments of doubt where I often find myself saying, “C’mon Katie, do you really believe you won’t get what you’ve been working for the last four years?  Of course you will.  Just have faith.  BELIEVE.”  And it’s true.  You have to believe.  Because what I’ve found in the last four years and even before then was that if I believed it would happen, it eventually did.  We are more powerful than we even realize.  We have to manifest our own future and with that we are the ones that decide if things are going to happen or not.

I have had a ton of opportunities to sub today.  I decided to take the first opportunity that came my way instead – to teach a Spinning class for a fellow teacher who is sick with her child this morning. After I made the decision – a TON of other teaching jobs were flooding my phone.  I felt as though I had maybe chosen the wrong thing to do today.  But when I think about it – every decision we make is the right one or at least the one that is meant to help us through our being in that moment.  I have to learn to stop being so afraid and remind myself that things will work themselves out the way they are supposed to.  I just have to believe.

Today, as I mentioned, I am teaching a Spinning class at 8:30.  I am planning to take a  yoga class after at 9:30.  I am getting back into my yoga mode and I love it.  Also – anyone else notice (that takes yoga) how amazing of a transformation your body has when you do it?  It’s unbelievable!  I can actually see my abs and the muscles in my upper back/arms.  It’s nice.  I can’t wait for bathing suit season.

Today’s playlist:

  1. It’s Time        3:59    Imagine Dragons
  2. The Middle        2:49    Jimmy Eat World
  3. The Fighter (feat. Ryan Tedder)        3:49    Gym Class Heroes
  4. Say Hey (I Love You)        3:56    Michael Franti & Spearhead
  5. Troublemaker        3:07    Olly Murs Feat. Flo Rida
  6. Levels (ID) (Original Mix)        5:34    Avicii
  7. Rolling In the Deep        3:48    Adele
  8. Beat It (Featuring John Mayer)        3:49    Fall Out Boy
  9. Bad Romance        4:08    Halestorm
  10. We Found Love        3:36    Rihanna Feat Calvin Harris
  11. Yoü and I (Radio Edit)        4:07    Lady GaGa
  12. Paint It Black        3:26    The Rolling Stones
  13. Solsbury hill        4:24    Peter Gabriel
  14. Walking in Memphis        4:19    Marc Cohn

Additionally – yesterday – I DID run – 7 miles!  My hip is bothering me a little but not as much as it was last week.  With Spin and Yoga today – I should be good to go for a run tomorrow morning.  I have a few weeks til the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler.  I need to decide if I’m going to just run it or if I’m going to actually go for it.  I always have Broad Street to try and PR.

Anyway – some thoughts for today:

  1. adambarr1106 says:

    Actually, I’m suspicious of people who never doubt themselves. There’s something insincere about that. But knowing what we do by now, we can plow through self-doubt by simply putting our heads down and keeping on. After all, the only thing we know without a doubt is that we get nowhere by stopping (for more than a reasonable rest, anyway).

    Good playlist.

  2. I feel like we are on the same page a lot, recently. And yes, when I am practicing yoga consistently, I notice the biggest changes in my body AND mind. I just need to make more time for it (more than 1x a month at least!)

    • k8efitz says:

      Yes! We def are. I’ve been tryin to comment on your posts but for some reason it won’t let me. Just wanted to throw out the idea…if you ever wanna do a nontrail run with some company….I’m all about it 🙂

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