It’s March 18th….ALREADY!?!?!

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Life, Music, NCAA Tourney, Running, Spinning, Yoga
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Where is this month going?!  Seriously.  Why is it going so quickly?  I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to know that we’re approaching the months where we are SUPPOSED to get warmer weather.  I say that because this past weekend I went to a parade in Conshohocken and it SNOWED.  Oh I still had fun but it was weird that it was snowing….in Mid March.  Funky weather.

Elsewhere….Spin class on Saturday was excellent.  Lots of great energy.  People were loving my playlist.  Only teaching two classes this week (Friday Happy Hour and Saturday Morning).  My hip feels SO much better.  I am going to attempt to run this morning on the treadmill (that way I can control my pace – when I run outside I have a tendency to just run and not think about how fast I’m going – which can cause problems).  Yesterday I went to my favorite Power Yoga class and every minute of it was delicious!  I sweat out all of the alcohol I drank on Saturday and was rejuvenated for the rest of the day – which a few hours later meant I was ready for a nap 🙂  See how that works?

I have a busy week ahead – End of Season coaches meeting tonight, Foundation Meeting on Thursday, and this is the last week before a week of no school (Spring Break) so I am trying to work every day.  I really hope it happens!  The most important part of this week is…of course…the fact that I have to fill out my brackets!!!!  My alma mater – La Salle University – is scheduled for a play-in game on Wednesday at 9:20 against Boise St.  You better believe I’ll be rooting for them 🙂  It’s been 21 years since they’ve been in the tourney and they actually won it in 1954 with a 92-76 victory in the final game over Bradley with Tom Gola (of whom our sports complex is named after).

Interesting story about how La Salle got their nickname – The Explorers – we’re not actually named after the explorer La Salle – we’re named after the patron saint for teachers – St. John-Baptiste de la Salle.  It was a sports writer that thought the school was named after the explorer/writer and it just stuck.

Anyway – have a great Monday!  Go Explorers!


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