Five Truth’s Friday and Other Musings

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Life, Spinning, Yoga


This is very close to my actual happy dance

As I began last Friday, I will continue with my 5 Truth’s:

1.  I have never done a triathlon.  I know, I know….you’re thinking…but Katie, you already do ALL of the things that are necessary in a tri.  Oh, I know.  I just…eh…have no desire.  Maybe some day.

2.  I really love…I mean REALLY love sports.  Many of my friends who just read this line most likely laughed and then said something like, “No kidding, Katie?  I had no idea” in the most sarcastic way possible.  See…I don’t talk about them much on here because, well, it’s not EVERYTHING that I am.  If you wanted to, however, sit and talk about sports all day…I’m game.  What do I like?  In this order: Footie (Chelsea FC baby!), Baseball, College Basketball (CAN NOT WAIT FOR MARCH MADNESS!), College Football, American Football, Golf, Hockey and then whatever else is on I will watch.  It is important to note…if there is swimming on, that will trump all of these but since it is rarely on….it goes unmentioned.  I have an uncountable amount of Chelsea and Phillies shirts.  I even have a Phillies handbag that is currently in use because the baseball season even if it’s Spring Training) has begun.  Yup. I am THAT girl.

Damn Straight

3.  I have seen ALL of the Twilight movies.  UGH!  There, I admitted it.  Truth – who doesn’t want to watch for the moment when Taylor Lautner is without a shirt?  I mean really.  Are you a human woman?  Do you not have hormones?  Seriously…who doesn’t want to look at this:

Oh those abs are real…no airbrushing there…

4.  I am actually a very good cook but no one knows it because I don’t like cooking for myself.  I also rarely have guests so I don’t really make things for them either.  I am..also…a wonderful heater upper 🙂  So I got that goin for me.  But present me with a man who does!!! and watch out…I am in love.

5.  I’d really like to become a yoga teacher one day.  I really love it and love to practice.  I think I’d do a fairly decent job as a yoga teacher.  Plus I think it would change my life.

So there ya have it – my 5 truths today.

In workout world – yesterday I did my own Spinning workout followed by 90 minutes of power yoga.  My hip felt much better but it was entirely stiff this morning.  Here’s hoping it loosens up by the time I want to workout this afternoon.

I am planning to do my own Spinning workout again.  It seems to make it feel a lot better.  Taking a few days off from running because, well, I am trying to be smarter about my body.  It’s about time!

This weekend is going to be full of lots of fun stuff.  Who else is planning some fun things for St. Paddy’s day?  HOLLA!


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