You Gotta Keep Your Head Up

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Life, Music, Spinning

Positive Thinking for a Monday Morning:

Try listening to that and not being happy… can’t.  Just smile.

Anyone else all messed up from the time change?  I am.  I thought I could fall asleep early last night.  Yeah no.  But.  I have another chance tonight.  I am so happy that we’ll have the sun for longer though.  Yay!  Spring is on it’s way.  We had a taste of Spring this past weekend in Philly.  Temps close to 60!  Woot!

Yesterday I ended up doubling up and bookending my work outs.  I woke up and did a fast five miler.  I decided to leave my Garmin at home since I was really doing this run to wake up and feel better about all of the junk I had eaten the night before.  Legs were/are feeling better and probably could’ve run for longer but knew I would be teaching Spinning(TM) later that afternoon.

Yesterday was my High School Swim Team Banquet.  I cried.  I will miss my senior girls.  Can’t believe how quickly this season went but I am so hopeful for next year and the year after.  It’s exciting to know that we’re just going to get better each year.  I love to coach.  I truly believe it was what I was meant to do…that and teaching, which kind of go hand in hand.  There is nothing like it.  At least, nothing I’ve found.

Spinning class was great!  The room was almost filled (unlike Friday – 4 people – hit or miss that one is) and there was a great energy flowing.  Playlist looked like this:

  1. Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)        4:14    Ne-Yo
  2. Closer To The Edge        4:33    30 Seconds To Mars
  3. Dog Days Are Over        4:13    Glee Cast
  4. Yoü and I (Radio Edit)        4:07    Lady GaGa
  5. Sing        4:30    My Chemical Romance
  6. Levels (Skrillex Remix)        4:41    Avicii
  7. We Found Love        3:36    Rihanna Feat Calvin Harris
  8. Hall of Fame (Jimbo Remix)        3:02    The Script
  9. Gone, Gone, Gone        3:30    Phillip Phillips
  10. Billy Jean (Minilogue Remix)        6:44    Michael Jackson
  11. Girlfriend (The Neptunes Remix Featuring Nelly)        4:46    NSYNC
  12. This Too Shall Pass        3:08    OK Go
  13. Disturbia        3:58    Rihanna
  14. Man In The Mirror        5:20    Michael Jackson
  15. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved        4:02    The Script

There were a lot more false flats and endurance type songs in this workout.  I’ll have it posted under Spinning Workouts soon.  I have to catch up on those.

No Spinning (well, at least teaching) til next Saturday.  I could use the break.  The plan is to run this afternoon and a few more days this week.  My mileage needs to go back up since I’ll be running the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in a few weeks.  But the main focus is what I am looking forward to – THE WEEKEND!  St. Paddy’s Day 2103!  Aww yea 🙂

Keep your head up!


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