Super Spin Weekend!

Posted: March 9, 2013 in Life, Music, Running, Spinning
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I am teaching 3 Spinning(TM) Classes this weekend.  I’ve already taught one of them (last night – happy hour) and am revving up to teach number two in less than 24 hours.  I also teach tomorrow to cap off the weekend.  Am I crazy?  Slightly….but that’s a post for another time 🙂

I was tired yesterday.  I am tired today as well.  I am hoping that a low key evening will put those things back in order. Last night I met up with my friend Jen and newest friend Kelley at Derek’s.  It was AWESOME!  We had wonderful conversations, beer, and food.  DELISH!  I had to leave early though 😦 on account of me teaching this spin class this morning and after two beers I was falling asleep! Ha!  But I digress…today is full of lots of activities and things to do….

I have a ton of errands and obligations today starting with Spinning, then coaching, then teaching swim lessons…heading home to see my mother…writing out thank you cards to my seniors (our swim banquet is tomorrow)…doing laundry….and a few other odds and ends….

Last night’s playlist was as follows:

  1. Tongue Tied        3:38    Grouplove
  2. Born This Way        4:01    Lady Gaga
  3. Wicked Garden        4:05    Stone Temple Pilots
  4. Levels (Skrillex Remix)        4:41    Avicii
  5. I Miss The Misery        3:04    Halestorm
  6. Mumford and Sons- I Will Wait        4:52
  7. Now That We Found Love        4:18    Heavy D. & The Boyz
  8. California Girls        4:02    Katy Perry (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
  9. Rolling In the Deep        3:48    Adele
  10. Everything Zen        4:38    Bush
  11. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs        3:28    Fall Out Boy
  12. Sledgehammer        4:52    Peter Gabriel
  13. I Will Survive        5:10    Cake
  14. Cold Hard Bitch        4:03    Jet
  15. The Joker        4:06    Jason Mraz/Chrissie Hynde
  16. Better Man        3:58    James Morrison

This morning’s Playlist consists of:

  1. My Generation        3:18    The Who
  2. Audience of One        4:09    Rise Against
  3. Rag Doll        4:25    Aerosmith
  4. Too Close        4:16    Alex Clare
  5. Dirty Little Secret        3:14    The All-American Rejects
  6. It’s Not My Time        4:02    3 Doors Down
  7. Madness        4:41    Muse
  8. Beverly Hills        3:20    Weezer
  9. Don’t You Worry Child (Radio Edit) [feat. John Martin]        3:33    Swedish House Mafia
  10. Sledgehammer        4:52    Peter Gabriel
  11. Paint It Black        3:26    The Rolling Stones
  12. The Big Bang        2:40    Rock Mafia
  13. Umbrella ft. Jay-Z        4:19    Rihanna
  14. The Catalyst        5:40    Linkin Park
  15. Walking in Memphis        4:19    Marc Cohn
  16. 1,2,3,4        3:19    Plain White T’s

No actions assigned with them just yet – I will put those in when I post them under Spinning Workouts.  For now.  Enjoy!

What is everyone else getting up to this weekend?




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