Posted: March 8, 2013 in Life

Five Truths for Friday:

  1. I can’t take a shower for longer than 5 minutes.  As a swimmer in high school and college – it was imperative to be efficient with showering (especially if we had morning practice).  I think it’s just something that’s stuck with me forever.  I don’t really understand how people can spend up to an hour in the shower.  WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?

    OOOH, it all makes sense now….

    2.  I don’t weigh myself.  Ever.  I am not kidding.  I don’t even let the doctor weigh me.  How do I get away with this when most doctors tell you that you MUST get weighed?  I explain to them that getting weighed and seeing a number on the scale is a trigger for me – which it totally is.  In some ways it’s sad to think that even 10 years after I entered treatment for my ED, something as asinine as a number on the scale could actually trigger a backslide in me.  But, it could and will.  I know it’s just a number and I am more than a number.  I am stronger and feel better about myself than I ever have.  That’s another reason why I refuse to let a number define me and tell me where I “fit in” to the mold.  I don’t fit in – and I never will.  I’m an athlete with strong legs and broad shoulders.


    3.  I have three rules when I go on a first date with a guy – they are all dealbreakers (actually a few more but these are the basics): 1.  He Should Pay, 2.  He Should Open the Door for me.  3.  He Should Walk Me to My Car.  Curious about the others?…here’s a few highlights: 1.  Must like sports (since this basically used to be my job – it’s kind of a necessity – also because I love them so much).  2.  Must be active in some way (doesn’t have to be a runner or athlete like me but I would like them to have motivation to take care of themselves).  and 3.  He has to have some sort of intellectual prowess (READ: doesn’t have to be super duper smart but has to be intelligent and logical – trust me, this isn’t always standard in people).

    Basically I’m looking for this

    4.  I’d really love to travel/teach abroad – like in Europe.  I’d prefer an English speaking country (yes, I realize this limits me) but I have always wanted to live in London for a little.  I’ve actually looked at schools there and even thought of just going over and staying with family until I found something but I am a scaredy cat and have a hard time taking major leaps of faith.  I know I am not alone in this.

    Like this..only not really

    5.  I love LOVE LOVE penguins!  Not even kidding.  I saw the motion picture The March of the Penguins 5 times in the theater.  I own it (duh) and I own several other penguin-esque things.  I love them.  They make me so happy.  Happy Feet, Happy Feet 2, Madagascar, Madagascar 2, The Penguins of Madagascar.   Get it?!   Chilly Willy is the MAN!  I have a lego penguin on my key chain that I got from my ex-boyfriend.  One of my best friends, Paul, always sends me penguin things (I have a bracelet he bought for me in China – haha, made in China! – hanging on my rear-view mirror in my car).  Truly I only go to the Zoo to see them – they have other animals there?  I mean, COME ON! Have you ever seen anything else cuter?

So there you have it!  5 Truths for Friday.  What are your truths?

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