Workout Peeves

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Life, Running

Please tell me I am not alone in this thought process?  Look, I totally understand if you don’t sweat a lot (although please tell me how because I can’t seem to ever stop sweating as soon as my body knows I am about to work out it starts to sweat) but really, how is it possible that “your” hair still looks good after a workout?

Here’s a few of the things I do not understand AT ALL about some of the people who go to the gym:

  1. Why (if you are) are you wearing make up?  Take that crap off your face.  Do you even know what you’re doing to your skin and/or pores?  If you’re just “walking” on the treadmill with a phone in your hand(which I’ll get it in a minute) then I can understand.  You’re not there to workout.  You’re there to make it look like you actually care about yourself and your health but in reality you care about what others think of you.  Don’t try to argue with me that you really care about your body or health.  If you did you’d take the make up off, put headphones into the phone and start running your ass off.
  2. People who talk on the phone at the gym.  Um, sometimes, I understand that there are important phone calls that happen and truthfully I use my phone for music purposes at the gym but if I am in the middle of a workout – I am not answering my phone or texts.  My workout is MY time and I am not about to let anyone else interrupt that.  Nothing could possibly be THAT important that you’re talking on the phone while working out.  FOCUS – focusing on your workout means you’ll get more out of it.  JUST DO IT.
  3. Not cleaning off your equipment or aerobic machine.  JUST GROSS.  You’re disgusting (if you’ve worked out correctly) after you use whatever machine you use.  CLEAN IT OFF.  It’s just common decency.  No one wants your germs and no one wants your sweat all over them.  It’s just proper gym etiquette.
  4. Wearing deoderant or being aware of whether you/your clothes smell.  You would not BELIEVE how many people do not realize how much they smell.  I have had the unfortunate displeasure to be next to someone in a Spinning(TM) class or just on the treadmill and they either haven’t washed their clothes well enough or ate something with onions in it the day before.  That shizz seeps through your pores.  Lock it up!  I am not going to say I haven’t been guilty of this before but when I am aware of it (say after having an large amount of garlic the night before) I tend to stay away from people or workout alone that next day.  It’s just common decency.  As someone who sweats a lot – my clothes tend to start to smell – no matter how many times I wash them.  THROW THOSE CLOTHES OUT or invest in some detergent that is meant to take the smell/stains out – my favorite detergent is Penguin Sportwash or Win – both work really well.
  5. Many people will tell you that being on a machine for too long is NOT COOL – but truthfully I am usually the person that is on the machine for too long.  I make no apologies for this.  If this bothers you, find another way to workout.  Be flexible (I know this goes both ways), you don’t know what that person is going through or if they just need that extra 5 minutes.  Hang in there.  Besides it could give you a chance to maybe push yourself a little bit harder when you do get a chance to use the equipment.  Go with the flow.
  6. Many people will use this spot to complain about the people who freely walk naked around the locker room.  Truthfully, I just don’t care.  AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU.  You have a choice – look or don’t look.  Pay attention to yourself.  Worry less about others.  If they’re comfortable – fine.  It might not be your cup of tea.  I, of course, do not like when the naked people sit on the benches with no towel under them.  THAT…is just gross.  Keep your bodily fluids to yourself thankyouverymuch.  But in all honesty – just worry about yourself.

The truth is – when we’re at the gym – we think people are paying attention to us.  If they’re there for a real workout – they could give a rats butt about what you look like or how much you’re sweating.  People are so much more interested in themselves than in other.  I mean, think about it – if you’re there and you’re THAT concerned with your appearance – don’t you think it’s possible that other people are too??

Also – here’s a list from ABC NEWS on their Top 9 Pet Peeves at the Gym.

  1. runningfancy says:

    hilarious! a lot of people don’t know pure and simple etiquette… common courtesy! hilarious post and i totally agree with all your points. i remember when i was in college, my suite-mate took a shower, styled her hair, and applied her make-up so she could “work out” cough cough, meet guys.

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