Posted: March 7, 2013 in Life, Music, Running, Yoga

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.~Mike Tyson

Sometimes the plans you lay out on a daily basis (if you’re me, it’s with much OCDedness – yes, I know that’s not a word) do not come to fruition (see my post about Sunday).  Although I wasn’t punched in the face at ALL yesterday or on Sunday – I just found this pretty humorous – isn’t it so true?!  Yesterday, however, I managed to squash everything AND still had time to grab lunch with a fabulous friend 🙂

The original workout plan was to run and then do yoga.  Um….yeah….I ended up running 9 miles (on the TM but still) and called it a morning.  Besides, I had other things to get done.  Truthfully, I didn’t think I’d even get past the second mile as I was just bored and wasn’t really ‘feelin it’.  At mile 2.26,  a great song came on – I Miss The Misery by Halestorm:

And I hit repeat – like four times.  Anyone else ever do that?  Sometimes when I hear a song that really gets me going, I just love to keep listening to it.  Lately that song and Levels by Avicii have been my go to repeat songs.  Regardless, I got my running mojo back and banged out 9 miles.  Felt good and I wasn’t exhausted like I thought I might be.  Went and did all my errands and had a wonderful lunch at Sweet Green – an upscale version of Saladworks or if you’re still unfamiliar with that too, a make your own salad/wrap place.

I ended up upgrading my phone to an iPhone 4s yesterday after much deliberation.  I went into the AT&T store with the plan to get a Droid or something else like it and was convinced to stay with Apple.  The main reason?  My music wouldn’t transfer from my iTunes – and since I am lazy beyond belief and didn’t feel like downloading another interface for music – I just dealt with it.  The cool thing now is that I have Siri.  I wanted to make her have a British accent but it sounds weird so I am just sticking with American English.  I wish there were a way to have Siri sound like Sean Connery.  Wouldn’t that be sweet?  Don’t even try to pretend like it wouldn’t.

Today is back to work.  I am subbing for a Spanish teacher.  Que Bueno!  After work I plan to run (possibly outside unless it’s still windy as all get out).  I will put up a playlist of what I listen to when I run but for all purposes, it’s basically my iPod Shuffle on shuffle.

Not as may deep thoughts today – although I do want to finish  my “How Yoga Saved Me” story – so maybe I’ll tackle that in school.

Anyway – Have a Wonderful Thursday!


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