A New Day

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Healthy Eating, Life, Music, Spinning
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Welp – yesterday was a rollercoaster of a day.  That job I talked about on here…yeah, didn’t get it.  So…it’s time to move on and up.  To counter it, I applied for two more jobs yesterday because I know I am destined for greatness and I am destined to be a teacher.  Just have to get back at it.  And at it I am…I am subbing again today.  Tomorrow is a scheduled day off since I wasn’t able to accomplish any errands this weekend!  I’ll take pictures to show you my adventures 🙂

Monday’s Workout(s):

Ran – 5 miles on Treadmill:  nothing to fancy – about an 8 minute pace.  I like to think of different alliterations in my head when I am running depending on how many miles I do (ie. Fast Five, Speedy Six, Swift Seven, etc. – alas, I am an English teacher!)

I also taught Spinning(TM) last night to a small class but there were enough that it didn’t feel small.  Got another good sweat in which I desperately needed after the day I had.

Food yesterday was much better than it’s been but I REALLY need to go to Trader Joe’s today to stock up on my healthies (ie. fruits and veggies).

Today’s Agenda:

Substitute Teach for a Math Teacher (yay Math!)  In honor of it, I am placing one of my favorite Math Problems below:

Yup.  Believe it or not, my mother has about a dozen of these kinds of shirts.  She also has this one on a shirt:

“i eight sum pie”

I even have video of her riding a square wheeled bike at the Math Museum.  It’s a real thing people.  I swear.  She’s just so special.  But my point is, I get my enthusiasm for English from my Mother because of her enthusiasm for Math/Teaching.  I am grateful for that.

After I teach, I will stop by TJ’s to pick up healthies and then head home to finish up my playlist for class tonight.  I basically need to attach actions to each of the songs since I already have the playlist written.  I also managed to pick up Sunday’s class at 5:30 so I am teaching 4 times this week!  It’s nice to do that sometimes 🙂

I’ll post later with my playlist and some food for thought.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the song that helps me with it:

It’s a Brand New Day


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