Posted: February 28, 2013 in Healthy Eating, Life, Spinning, Yoga


Faith is a huge concept or idea.  It is often times related to the idea of having patience too.  The ladder of which I am usually guilty of having very little of…..

Some people also, naturally, associate faith with religion.  While I am not going to delve into any ideologies or my personal background – let’s just say that I can completely understand why Faith is necessary.

Yesterday wasn’t a scheduled rest day but when you wake up and are immediately thinking about going to bed later that evening – you know it’s gotta mean you need a day off.  Regardless, I went to school (I am a teacher, btw) and made it through the day.  The only problem is that when our bodies are tired we naturally tend to reach for and typically do eat more food.  Usually I figure that this is my body’s way of telling me that I am tired or that it needs more.  I always stay properly hydrated and know that if I am feeling hungry about 15 minutes after I eat it’s probably because I am thirsty, not hungry.  My point is that I had to put faith in myself (and more now than I ever used to), that I would workout tomorrow/today and it would be fine.

And you know what?  It is okay.  I am okay.  Today is a new day.  Everything starts over.  There are a lot of things to look forward to and I have faith that I will be able to accomplish all of it today.

Workout(s) for Today:

-1 Hour of my own spin – I like to ride the bike solo and listen to my iPod shuffle.  I have some of my best rides when I do this.  It also gives me new ideas for classes.

-90 mins of Baptiste Power Yoga w/ Regina.  I haven’t taken her class in a few weeks so I will no doubt be sore and tired but I am pumped.  Her class is the best.  Plus it’s the last day of the month so she’ll most likely have something awesome in store!

Agenda for Today:

-Make Saturday’s Spin Playlist (which I’ll of course be sharing with all of you)

-District One Swim Champs(Day One)!  LET’S GO ACES!



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