Sunday and Monday Run(s)

Posted: February 26, 2013 in Life, Running

After the layoff from running due to a torn tendon in my left foot, I am finally back to running 4-5 times a week!  I am loving it!  I’m trying to refocus on getting my speed back although I can’t complain since I have been holding 8:20/8:25 min miles when I run outside.  For some reason I run a lot slower on a treadmill.  Does that ever happen anyone else?

Anyway, Sunday was a jam packed day so I decided to run early because I knew if I left it until after everything was finished I would make up some excuse and not do it.  One thing I try to remind myself of is that “you never regret a workout”.  Hence, I woke up early on Sunday to venture on my first “long” run since my foot has been feeling good.  I did a typical route – 7 miles.  It felt great!  I was tired but it was mainly because I taught my regular 60 minute Spin class AND a 90 minute endurance ride the previous morning.  Basically I was pushing through the pain.  I was grateful to have such a strong base and made it through the run in just over an hour.

I had to grab breakfast for the ride up to North Penn for our District One Swim Seeding Meeting.  Breakfast was not exactly the healthiest – Strawberries, 2 Oranges, and some Goldfish (I told you it wasn’t healthy!) but I knew I’d be eating bad the rest of the day at our foundation fundraiser so I figured it would all balance out.

Yesterday the weather was much nicer than it’s been – thankgoodness winter is nearing an end! – so I went out for a run after coaching and did a SPEEDY SIX (which is what I’m calling it – I have little alleratory(not a word, I know) names for each of my mileage runs) in 48 minutes.  My legs felt really heavy but I have had this feeling before.  I actually tend to run some of my fastest times (during training) when my legs feel like dead weights.  Anyone else?  I figure if I can push through the discomfort, when it’s comfortable I will be good to go!  The goal is to get back to 7:15/mile pace – which is what I was holding on my training runs before I got injured.  I’m also trying to work on getting my mileage back up to between 3- and 40 miles a week.  Last week I did 42 (might’ve overdone it) so this week I’m aiming for 35 with some cross training of Spinning and Yoga (P.S. I can’t wait to write posts about how much I love Yoga!).

Today’s plans are to run (most likely inside because the weather is pretty craptastic today and I really dislike running in the rain – another post for another time) on the treadmill after practice.  If I finish early enough I’ll probably take a Yoga class tonight.

Has anyone found that Yoga is an amazing way to stay in shape when you can’t run?  I truly feel it saved me in a time I needed it the most.

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