My Injury and How Yoga Saved Me Pt. 1

Posted: February 26, 2013 in Life, Running

Back in July and August I was running an average of 40 miles a week. That was an all-time-high for me. I hadn’t signed up for any long runs at that point and didn’t really want to run another Marathon just yet. The first one was just enough to keep me away from it (I’ll write a post about that experience too).

So why was I running that much? I was using running as a tool to cope with my relatively fresh break-up with my boyfriend. It really kind of punched me in the face as it came out of nowhere but thankgoodness I love to exercise and that it’s a HEALTHY way to cope with such sadness. It started out as 30 miles and then creeped up to 35 and eventually 40. I was feeling good each day and truthfully, the endorphins I was getting from the runs were enough to make me want to keep at it.

It wasn’t until the second week of September when I went out one morning for an easy 7 miler that I took one step on Mile 6 and I felt an enormous pain shoot through the top of my left foot. I thought maybe I just mis-stepped so I stopped, stretched and tried to run again. No dice. I had to walk the last 3/4 mile home (thank goodness I don’t live far from where I was running).

I came home on immediately iced my foot but the swelling was so bad. I called my doctor and scheduled an appointment. Xrays were taken – No Fractures, atleast what their machine could see. They told me to get a boot to stabilize my foot since the actual walking motion was hurting it. The final recommendation was NO RUNNING for at least 2 weeks. I kind of breathed a sigh of relief – I though I can do 2 weeks, just no more. I quickly realized, after a week, that it would be more like a few months.

I was getting really frustrated (anyone that knows me knows I rarely go a day or two without working out and this was getting to be almost two weeks). A friend of mine recommended me to a Chiropractor who is licensed to use Laser Therapy Treatment. I was a little skeptical at first but what I realized very quickly was that it was exactly what I needed. She was able to diagnose that I had torn a tendon and that I would need a series of treatments to help me heal. Obviously I was not thrilled about paying each time I went but I wanted to run and I wanted to run soon! I started on intensive treatment (three times a week) and the doctor was using Kineseo-tape (ie. the stuff the Volleyball players were wearing during the Olympics) to help with the healing process.

As you can imagine, I am not a super patient person. With others, absolutely – with myself, notsomuch. I was able to continue to teach and take Spinning classes which I was so thankful for but I was looking for an alternative to that workout. My doctor told me to swim but I found that even though it did tend to help my foot, it hurt more afterwards than it did when I was doing Spinning.

What I have failed to mention is the gym where I teach Spinning also doubles as a Yoga Studio and any instructor may take classes for free. I decided that I was going to finally venture into the world of Yoga. I had been going to Therapy for a few months at this point and as much as that helped/s, I kind of felt like I needed more. What I didn’t realize is how much more I was about to get….

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