A starting off point….

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Welcome to KatieFitzisFit.  Easy enough to remember, yes?

Many, if not all, of my friends call me KatieFitz (yes, said quickly) and since you are all my friends now simply by reading, please feel free to call me that too :-).

Per my sister’s suggestion, (and her knowing how OCD I can be) I’ve started this site to keep track of my workouts.  It was actually more out of request from my spin classes to get some of the music/playlists that I create.  So…me being the kind of person that I am (which is to please as many people as possible) here’s the first post! yay!

I can guarantee my enthusiasm for fitness and health will shine through on this blog.  This is not a personal reflection blog although I may share some stories about workouts and/or rides.  This is simply what it looks like – fitness stuff :-).  That being said, I am not a doctor and I’m not even a personal trainer (yet!) so everything I write about is merely what works best for me and the suggestions I give to my spin classes when I teach.  I’m an athlete at heart so everything I write about will have to do with sports.  I will try to leave my personal love of all things PHILADELPHIA out of this 🙂  But I can’t promise you if one of my teams wins a Championship, that won’t be the topic of the day :-).

SO…enjoy!  And I love feedback/questions – don’t hesitate to email me or post a comment :-).


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