Cycle Zone vs. Spinning Class

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Music, Spinning
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So I teach Spinning/Cycling at LA Fitness near me.  There are two different kinds of classes….Spin and Cycle Zone.  Spin is an hour, Cycle Zone is 45.

My current teaching schedule Sunday through Saturday is as follows:

Sunday – Cycle Zone @ 8:15

Tuesday & Thursday – Spin Class @ 9:15

And I tend to sub somewhere else atleast one other time in the week.  That being said, I occasionally use similar playlists since my Sunday class is at a different location than my Tuesday and Thursday classes.  Overall though, I tend to have all new playlist for each class….so the first few posts are going to be retroactive in that I’ll be putting up lists I’ve had since February.  Just bear with me, I’ll be sure to put up the latest and greatest.

Cycle Zone #1 (Resistance is arbitrary but I go on a scale of 1-10 unless the bikes have a computer on them)

1.  Baby You’re a Rich Man (The Beatles) – Warm up – Level 4 resistance

2.  Up and Up (Relient K) – Level 5/6 resistance, Pick ups

3.  Sing (My Chemical Romance) – Level 5/6 – seated to standing intersections on chorus

4.  21 Guns (Original Broadway Soundtrack, American Idiot) – Level 6 to 8 – Climb (seated)

5.  I Made It (Kevin Rudolph) – Level 7 Standing – Pickups

6.  Your Love is My Drug (Ke$ha) – Level 4 – Seated – Sprints

7.  Stuck Like Glue (Sugarland) – Level 6 – Jumps on Chorus

8.  We Weren’t Born to Follow (Bon Jovi) – Level 6 – Seated – Flat road w/ pickups

9.  You Can’t Always Get What You Want (The Rolling Stones) – Level 5 to 9 – seated to standing climb

10.  The Cave (Mumford & Sons) – Level 4 – Sprints on Chorus (15 Seconds, 30 Seconds, 45 Seconds to end) – Seated

11.  Coming Home (P.Diddy) – Climb – level 7 to 9 – standing

12.  Sideways (Citizen Cope) – Warm Down

  1. Dick M says:

    Actual difference between zone cycling and spinning ? Please.

    • k8efitz says:

      When I taught at LA Fitness – it was really just a matter of the name. Zone Cycling was only 45 minutes and it was limited to staying in a specific heart rate zone. Spinning was following along with Johnny G formatting

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